Privacy statement - Enigma2 record plugin

The following privacy statement applies to the app enigma2 record plugin (Version 3.2)
Which data may be collected and processed?


The login data (username and password) as well as information about the timers (for example, start time, end time, channel, title, description, etc.) are sent to the host which is entered in the app. The receiver transmits the list of available services and scheduled timers (channel, start time, end time, title, description, etc.) and general data of the receiver (e.g., image, number of hard disks, number of tuners, etc.) to the app Note: Especially if you are transmitting data over the Internet, a transfer with HTTPS is useful! These can be activated in the settings of the plugin and in the settings of your receiver
The data is only transmitted to the host you entered.

Which permissions are required by the app?

Google Play billing service
Is required for in app purchases.

View WiFi-connections
Is required to check if a wireless connection exists.

View network connections
Is required for the app to know if and what type of network connection exists.

Prevent phone from sleeping
Is required to prevent the device from going to sleep during communication with the receiver.

Have full network access
Is required to communicate with the receiver.

Note: Depending on the Android version and device you are using, the permissions may be different.
I want to delete my data
No personal data is stored outside the app. Therefore, no data can be deleted. If you want to delete the data which is stored on your device , you have to uninstall the app.

Stand: 17.01.2017